Obedience Training

Training your dog can mean the difference between a stressful, anxious, difficult pet and a loving, enjoyable relationship.

Dogs & humans communicate in very different ways and we are here to bridge the gap! With positive, effective training techniques we can help solve problem behaviors, teach basic obedience, and show you how to maintain these lessons.

We offer a FREE consultation to determine your dog’s training needs and create a program that works for you.

Consultation includes:

• Meet with clients & dog in home
• Listen to specific request
• Observe & learn behavioral history
• Offer program recommendations


Obedience Training includes, but is not limited to:

• Sit • Stay • Stand • Down • Place • Come

1 Hour Training Session

One hour sessions are perfect for teaching a whole program of obedience as a series (7 sessions over 7 weeks), or great for dogs who need a little touch up on their skills (single session).

*A typical full program will take 7 weeks.

**Buy 7-Session as a Package and receive 10% off!



per session


30 Minute Training Session


Great for young puppies with short attention spans, or for focusing on a single command. Also great for troubleshooting a single problem area. (These can also be done as a series or as a single session)


per session


*Package must be paid in full, in advance to receive discount.
**The number of sessions needed depend on the dog and the amount of time the owners are willing to dedicate to training.